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We celebrate our wonderful past students who have gone onto successful careers as dancers, teachers as well as many other professions.  Many of them acknowledge that their dance training with us gave them the self-discipline, drive and dedication to succeed in their chosen career. We applaud all of our past students who have continued dancing all the way through to their graduation and managed to balance their dance training with their schooling and education.  We have always believed that a balanced life is the key to our children’s successful futures.  

We are so incredibly proud of our former students who have enjoyed dance careers or are currently succeeding in the dance/arts industry.  We follow their careers and feel so proud to have been a part of their foundation training that has lead them to follow their passion as dancers or dance teachers.

We also love to see the next generation of dancers flourishing, the daughters and sons of our past students are now some of our current students and we feel so honoured that our former students had such a beautiful dance experience with Ashfield Ballet School that they now want their children to have the same special dance journey as a part of their lives.

Congratulations to every Ashfield Ballet student since 1979, we are so proud of each and every one of you.

We celebrate the following successful ABS alumni who have successfully auditioned for the top performing arts institutions all over the country and who have had or currently have successful careers as performing artists or are working in the creative arts industry -

  • Hayley Ashfield
  • Emily Harrison (Fox)
  • Katie Whitchurch (Plakas)
  • Kathryn Gibson (Hughes)
  • Kathryn Eden (Green)
  • Frances Lowrie
  • Michelle Rozario
  • Kiana Gallop-Angeles
  • Courteney Cox
  • Tamara Camilleri
  • Tahlia Guerrini
  • Taylah Brady
  • Jordan Predl
  • Anastasia Vogelsang
  • April Beak
  • Lisa Verstraten
  • Saylor Davis
  • Dulcie Fitzsimmons
  • Kirra Howlett

There are many more former students over the past 40 + years who have also continued on to full time dance training and enjoyed successful careers in the dance industry.

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